sed search and replace after xml tag

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Hi stomp,
You are correct in noting that some shells (including recent versions of bash and ksh93) can use ((cnt++)) as a shortcut for cnt=$((cnt+1)) and MadeInGermany's suggestion of cnt=$((cnt+=1)) and can also use last=${var: -1} as a shortcut for RudiC's suggestion of last=${var#${var%?}} to get the last character from the expansion of $var, but more shells (in fact any POSIX-conforming shells) support arithmetic expansions ($((expression))), and the ${var#pattern} and ${var%pattern} parameter expansions. The arithmetic command (((expression))) and the substring parameter expansions (${var:offset} and ${var:offset:length}) are extensions allowed, but not defined by the standards, and are not provided by as many shells.

But, I don't know of any shell where cnt=$((cnt++)) is required to be the same as cnt=$((cnt+1)) because the order in which a post-increment operation on a variable and an assignment to the same variable happens is unspecified. In both ksh (version: (AT&T Research) 93u+ 2012-08-01) and bash (version: 3.2.57(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin15)), the commands:
echo $cnt

produce the output:

Imagine the sequence of operations of cnt=$((cnt++)) as:
  1. save the value of cnt (1),
  2. increment the value of cnt to 2
  3. return the saved value (1) as the result of the arithmetic expansion, and
  4. finally, assign the returned value to cnt (negating the post-increment).
But, it could also be processed as:
  1. save the value of cnt (1),
  2. return the saved value (1) as the result of the arithmetic expansion,
  3. assign the returned value to cnt, and
  4. finally, increment the value of cnt to 2.

You have exactly the same problem in C and C++ with:
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
	int	i = 1;
	int	j;

	for(j = 1; j <= 5; j++)
		printf("%d\n", i = i++);

Building it on some systems gives the warning:
cc     x.c   -o x
x.c:7:23: warning: multiple unsequenced modifications to 'i' [-Wunsequenced]
                printf("%d\n", i = i++);
                                 ~  ^
1 warning generated.

and, when run, producing the output:


(But, on the system I'm currently using, it always produces just 1s as the output.)
This User Gave Thanks to Don Cragun For This Post:
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Sorrry, I wanted to suggest

Added the = without seeing the double assignment.
BTW, only the other assignment, should be possible as well
: $((cnt+=1))

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