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UNIX Shell Scripting (Solaris) for File Checking

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# 15  
Old 05-31-2016
OK, no bashisms. What happens if you create a dave.cfg file in your home directory containing
home/dave/banana        BANANA
home/dave/orange        ORANGE
home/dave/orange1       ORANGE
home/dave/orange2       ORANGE
home/dave/apple         APPLE
home/dave/apple1        APPLE
home/dave/apple2        APPLE

(are you sure, BTW, that those paths are relative and not absolute?) and run

while read DIR KW REST; do cd $DIR; echo invalid files in $DIR: $(ls > ../TMP; grep -l $KW * | grep -vf- ../TMP) >> ../de.log; cd ..;  done < dave.cfg;

? Are you happy with de.logs contents, at least for the invalid files?
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# 16  
Old 06-01-2016
hi rudic,

Last edited by daveaztig14; 06-02-2016 at 03:35 AM..
# 17  
Old 06-01-2016
Please take one step at a time. What you presented in post#16 is NOT the directories from post#12. Use full absolute paths for a test, i.e. paths rooted at / and not using variables to be expanded.
Obviously your grep version behaves differently. There might be other versions installed on your node, like /usr/xpg4/bin/grep. Try with this one. If that fails, we need to look further.
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# 18  
Old 06-02-2016
Hi rudic,

ok lets take it step by step..

im using unix solaros, kornshell.

for example i have a directory

the default files has 1 word in common and that is "UNIX". how can i display the fiesl without "UNIX" word in it using grep command?

thanks a lot for all the help
# 19  
Old 06-02-2016
Hello daveaztig14,

You requirement is not clear but if you want to read/print the file's content on standard output in a specific directory then following may help you in same.
for file in home/solaris/unix/samplefiles/*
      grep -v "UNIX" $file

If your requirements are different from above code then please do let us know your requirement with complete details with sample Inputs and expected outputs.

R. Singh
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# 20  
Old 06-02-2016
Hi R.Singh,

i used your code but it doest results to anything.

forexample in home/solaris/unix/samplefiles/ directory i have files


dave1 to dave4 .txt has


in it.. and dave5.txt dont have..

so i would like to
grep -v davehandsome

so that my output would only be dave5.txt
# 21  
Old 06-02-2016
That is not what grep -v BRE file... does. That grep command gives you a list of every line in each of the given file operands that does NOT contain a string matching the basic regular expression specified by BRE.

If you want to list all files in the directory home/solaris/unix/samplefiles/ which is a relative pathname of a sub-sub-sub-subdirectory of your current working directory, you could use something like:
cd home/solaris/unix/samplefiles/ && \
for file in *.txt
do	if ! grep -q davehandsome "$file"
	then	printf 'File "%s" does not contain the string "davehandsome"\n' "$file"

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