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Old 04-06-2006
Problem with Cron tab

I have a script for pinging the switches and giving me the report:-
`source /export/home/chinnigd/.profile`;
@names = `cat switches|cut -f1 -d' '`;
@ip = `cat switches|cut -f2 -d' '`;
$num = @names;
$re ="Empty";
$i = 0;
$flag = 0;
while ($i lt $num)
$ou = `ping $ip[$i]`;
if ( $ou == "no answer from $ip[$i]" )
print "ALERT!!The Switch is DOWN-->$names[$i]\n";
$flag = 1;
print "The Switch is up-->$names[$i]\n";
$i = $i + 1;
if ($flag -eq 0)
print "**************************************************************\n";
print "*All the switches,totally $num Switches,in the network are UP*\n";
print "**************************************************************\n";

This script works fine in the command line but when I put it in the crontab, the cron job run at the specified time but the script doesn't work properly i.e. some commands in the script doesn't execute correctly and I always get the output as " All the switches. totally <> switches in the network are UP".

kindly help me how to solve this
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Old 04-06-2006

make sure that if u r accessing any file from particular path.. then specify complete path while accessing that file.

like u r reading a content of file - as name test. and
path for this file is bin/sql/proc/util/test.

then use this complete path -- as crontab assument system path by default.


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Old 04-06-2006
I gave the complete path

Thanks for your reply.
I gave the complete path of the file but still it doesn't work
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Old 04-06-2006
The problem is solved

instead of 'ping' alone

i used '/usr/sbin/ping..' and the problem went away
now the crontab is working perfectly

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