Create a folder under different user directory

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Create a folder under different user directory

Hello All,

I have to write a shell script and use it in informatica. The script has to perform below actions:
  1. The script gets executed from edw user.
  2. Through the script, a DT folder has to be created under edw_sca user.

Is this scenario possible through a SHELL script or not.

Please help me with a dummy script.


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Folders created by edw user will belong to edw user. It's possible to have the group changed automatically for you, but not the user. To create folders as edw_sca you will need to have edw login as edw_sca somehow, perhaps with sudo, i.e. sudo -u edw_sca mkdir /path/to/newfolder You will have to allow edw to run mkdir as edw_sca user in sudo. Changing sudoers requires admin access.

What have you tried?
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Alternatively edw_sca could create a directory writeable by edw. As Corona688 points out files in this directory will still belong to edw and may be difficult to move or delete.

scp is also a possibility but opens a whole new kettle of fish with respect to security if not done correctly.

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