^M special character in Filename

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Old 05-12-2016
^M special character in Filename

Hi All,

Special character ? is added in between filename. Am not able to figure our why this is happening. In my Development environment special characters are not present. This issue is happening in the higher environment.

It would be helpful if somebody can tell what are the possible reasons in which special characters will be added

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Old 05-12-2016
^M is the representation of the carriage-return character from a file that was created by a DOS/Windows operating system, and now you are accessing it via a Unix/Linux operating system.
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Old 05-12-2016
If I had to guess, someone's script like

echo something > filename

...which they saved in Microsoft Windows Notepad, turning it into

echo something > filename^M

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Old 05-12-2016
Can you please check file transfer mode in your FTP tool, I am sure it will be binary mode which you need to change to text format to avoid this ^M.
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