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Directories having spaces

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Old 05-06-2016
Originally Posted by Corona688
That is a zsh variation on dangerous use of backticks and should be avoided.

[edit] Come to think of it, I'd be surprised if it split on lines rather than whitespace either.

In short, whenever the idea is "cram entire file or stream into single variable, then process one by one", you can leave out the 'cram entire file into variable' part and still process one by one with far less danger of hitting the maximum size of variables or process memory.
I had a look at that page and I think there is a mistake there in the sense that ARG_MAX is related to the arguments passed to a new process, which does not apply in the case of a for loop.

There is of course a "danger" (if you want to call it that) of unintended field splitting, so the construct is still wrong (unless it is zsh apparently), but not for the reason mentioned on that page...

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Old 05-06-2016
Works fine in posix shells: dash, ksh, zsh, bash, ...
# this solution no problem even input lines include some special chars, $IFS chars and so on.
while read file
    first_line=$(head -1 "$file")   # or use read
    echo "$file , $first_line" >> header_info.txt
done < list_file.txt >> header_info.txt

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