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PHP - add rm %dir to php code

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Old 04-01-2016
PHP - add rm %dir to php code

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to modify a php file to perform 2 actions in an if statement.

PHP Code:
// If the delete button is pressed
if(isset($_GET['delete']) && isset($_GET['username_box']))
mysql_query("DELETE FROM users WHERE User='".$_GET['username_box']."'",$link))
                                echo (
"<br>Error: Not a valid DELETE query.<br>");
                                echo (
"<br>MySql error : ".mysql_error());
$table_users  "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY User ASC";
$query_users  mysql_query($table_users);
$length_users mysql_numrows($query_users);


// same effect when the 'new user' button is pressed
The code is taken from Machiel's FreeBSD page (Dutch & English), and the file is the index.php. That piece of code is executed when the "Remove" button is pressed in the web interface. What I need to do is add some php code to also remove the corresponding home directory of the user. I tried with the "exec" function in php but failed miserably. The user home dirs are located under "/home/ftpusers/<ftp_login_account>".

I would appreciate a few pointers here or a piece of code maybe.

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Old 04-02-2016
Look system cmd, but http-server has not usually enough privileges to do ex. rm some user directory.

Need sudo or some other method to get enough privileges.
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Old 04-03-2016
Make use of ftp_rmdir

For more details : PHP: ftp_rmdir - Manual

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