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Old 02-25-2016
Phrase XML with Huge Data

HI Guys,

I have Big XML file with Below Format :-

Input :-



B10C 192;315;35;0,7,8 
B11C 162;315;35;0,5,6
B12C 188;315;35;0,3,4
B13C 192;315;35;0,1,2

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Got Ans.....

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Old 02-25-2016
With sed, like this

cat input.xml | tr -d "\n" | sed 's:</d><pokl>\|$:\n:g;' | sed 's/^.*GBNo=//;s:</pokl><d>: :;s:</d><d>:;:g;s:</d>::;'

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Old 02-27-2016
awk -F'[<>]' '/pokl/{split($3,a,"[,|=]");printf "%s ",a[6];for(i=1;i<5;i++){getline;printf "%s%s",$3,(i==4)?RS:";"}}' file

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Old 02-27-2016
Hi pareshkp,
You might also want to try a slightly simpler awk script:
awk -F'[<=>]' '{printf("%s%s",$(NF-2),(NR%5)?(NR%5==1)?" ":";":ORS)}' Input

which with your sample input produces the output:
B10C 192;315;35;0,7,8
B11C 162;315;35;0,5,6
B12C 188;315;33;0,3,4
B13C 192;315;35;0,1,2

which differs from the output you said you wanted in two places:
  1. there is no space character following the 8 at the end of the first line, and
  2. there is a 33 in the 3rd line where you said you wanted a 35.
The output shown here seems to match the sample input provided better than the output you said you wanted.
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Old 02-28-2016
Hi Don Cragun, your solution is simpler and run 30% faster that my. Thanks.
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