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Perl:: mass replacement of converting C code formats to tgmath.h

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Old Unix and Linux 02-25-2016   -   Original Discussion by f77hack
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Perl:: mass replacement of converting C code formats to tgmath.h


i have a lot of C old code I'm updating to C11 with tgmath.h for generic math. the old code has very specific types, real and complex, like cabsl, csinhl, etc

usually for simple bulk replacements i would do something simple like this

perl -pi -e 's/cosl/cos/g' *.c

the reference is here
HTML Code:

real complex
generic float long dble dble dble float long dble dble dble
fabs fabsf fabs fabsl cabsf cabs cabsl
exp expf exp expl cexpf cexp cexpl
log logf log logl clogf clog clogl

there are basically two classes of operations

array=(fabs exp log pow sqrt sin cos tan acos atan sinh cosh tanh asinh acosh atanh)
for tgt in array
perl -pi -e 's/${tgt}f/${tgt}/g' *.*
perl -pi -e 's/${tgt}l/${tgt}/g' *.*
perl -pi -e 's/c${tgt}/${tgt}/g' *.*
perl -pi -e 's/c${tgt}f/${tgt}/g' *.*
perl -pi -e 's/c${tgt}l/${tgt}/g' *.*
#special case of fabs
perl -pi -e 's/cabs/${tgt}/g' *.*


array=(atan2 cbrt ceil copysign erf erfc exp2 expm1 fdim floor fma fmax fmin fmod)
array+=(frexp hypot ilogb ldexp lgamma llrint llround log10 log1p log2 logb lrint)
array+=(lround nearbyint nextafter nexttoward remainder remquo rint roiund scalbin)
array+=(scalbn tgamma trunc carg conj creal cimag cproj)
for tgt in array
perl -pi -e 's/${tgt}f/${tgt}/g' *.*
perl -pi -e 's/${tgt}l/${tgt}/g' *.

perl is not mandatory, but a sweet one or two liner would be excellent.


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oh well, i went ahead my own my loops and forked.

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