Read input from Keyboard, do not proceed if no input

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Read input from Keyboard, do not proceed if no input


I am working on a script, which requests users to enter input.
Ex: read -p "Please enter your email id:" email

I don't want users skipping this entry, this has to be mandatory.I dont want to proceed without input.

I can do a check if variable $email is empty and proceed if not.But, i have around 20 inputs and it is hard to check on all the inputs and if user does not enter variable 19 i don't want to start from 1 again.

Please do the needful.

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I'm afraid you'll have to do the hard work and validate every single input. Maybe using a function?
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why don't you put the mandatory ones at the beginning? then throw into a while loop? this chokes off any continuation rather than repeating the loop.

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If your idea of valid is just "not an empty string", you can loop on the request for each variable sequentially with something like:
while [ -z "$var1" ]
do	printf 'Enter variable 1 value: '
	read -r var1
	[ -z "$var1" ] && echo 'Variable 1 cannot be empty; try again.'
while [ -z "$var2" ]
do	printf 'Enter variable 2 value: '
	read -r var2
	[ -z "$var2" ] && echo 'Variable 2 cannot be empty; try again.'


instead of asking the user to enter all 20 variables and then verifying all of the values and restarting from the beginning if one of them had an error.
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Don, why doing so much double effort?
#	Variables
	# Expand the task list with words that describe the task
	declare TASK_LIST="name email"
	declare -A ANSWERS
#	Messages
	# Use the words from the task-list as string identifier
	MSG_STR_NAME="What is your name"
	MSG_STR_EMAIL="What is your email"
#	Action
	# Work the list
	for task in $TASK_LIST
		# Prepare the message string
		# Loop while input is empty
		while [ -z "${ANSWERS[$task]}" ]
			echo ${!str}
			read input
#	Your work to do....
	echo "Result values are:"
	for item in $TASK_LIST
		echo "$item :: ${ANSWERS[$item]}"

Hope this helps

Looks for me like:
0 ~/tmp $ bash aravindadla 
What is your name
What is your email

Result values are:
name :: Simon
email :: something

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Your options looks more feasible to me.
Will try them today and get back.

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How about another approach in a recent shell (e.g. bash 4)? Given file
First Name,FNAME  
Last Name,LNAME    

and a function declared as
getvar() { while [ ! ${!2} ]; do read -p "$1: " "$2"; done }

this would fill all the variables as requested with minor efforts.
while IFS=, read PR VAR <&3; do getvar "$PR" "$VAR"; echo $VAR"="${!VAR}; done 3< file
First Name: Joe
Last Name: Miller
Birthday: 12.7.88

Add validations and/or error checking to taste.
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