Combination of 6 nos

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Old 02-24-2016
Combination of 6 nos

Hi folks,

I have a numbers from 1-100 and from these nos I have 30 numbers.. From this 30 nos, I have to generate a combination of 6 nos... this 30 numbers will range from 1-100... ( FYI: This is not a lottery game - just kidding) ... I am trying out this in a shell script.. any ideas ?
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Old 02-24-2016
Any attempts/ideas/thoughts from your side?

How about using a random number as the index into the array[100]?
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Old 02-24-2016
As an addendum to RudiC's reply remember to allow for any duplicate numbers in generating the array _randomly_.

Once you have the array then randomly select your 6 numbers from the array of 30 numbers, again checking for possible duplicates...
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Old 02-25-2016
There is a way to create an array of a range of random numbers with each one occurring once with no duplicates.
  1. Populate the first array with all possible values, call it "deck".
  2. Varying a (loop ) subscript from last occurrence to first, get a random number, multiply it by that subscript, and floor it to get a new subscript.
  3. Use the new subscript to move an item from "deck" to the loop subscript occurrence of the array "shuffle".
  4. Move the last active occurrence of "deck" (looping subscript) to the new subscript occurrence of deck.
When the last occurrence of deck is chosen, the last item in "deck" will be moved to its own position but, because the looping subscript is decreasing, it will never be referred to again. The array "shuffle" is now ready to use.
If the same occurrence of "deck" is chosen again, it will contain a new value.
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