Case statement in UNIX shell script

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Am I missing something with [ICODE]for F in $str[/ICODE]?
Edit: Yes, I had forgotton to update that varname from a previous approach, and just edited right after posting.
Edit2: Thought, that example doesnt cover spaces in filenames.

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Note that a symbolic link is a file and a directory is a file just as much as a regular file is a file. And, there are other file types in addition to those three, including, but not necessarily limited to FIFOs, sockets, block special files, and character special files.

If you don't have files ending in non-alphanumeric characters, have you considered this replacement for your script?
# Get a word from user and check whether a filename or directory exists in the same name

printf 'enter a name: '
read name

ls -dF "$name"

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