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Old 02-17-2016
awk - Pick last value from set of rows

Input data

C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,975.73,ZZZ,P,111111.00,Y1   **GROUP1**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,975.73,ZZZ,P,222222.00,Y1   **GROUP1**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,975.73,ZZZ,P,333333.00,Y1   **GROUP1**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2016-12-01,2017-12-01,898.86,ZZZ,P,444444.00,Y2   **GROUP2** 
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2016-12-01,2017-12-01,898.86,ZZZ,P,555555.00,Y2   **GROUP2**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2016-12-01,2017-12-01,898.86,ZZZ,P,666666.00,Y2   **GROUP2**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2017-12-01,2018-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,777777.10,Y3   **GROUP3**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2019-12-01,2020-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,888888.10,Y5   **GROUP4**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2020-12-31,2021-10-29,788.81,ZZZ,P,999999.10,Y5+  **GROUP5**
C,ABC,ABCD,4,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,101010.10,Y1   **GROUP6**
C,ABC,ABCD,4,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y1   **GROUP6**

I am using the following command to print out one record where COL_4, COL_7, COL_8 and COL_13 match - It then sums up all the values from COL_9 and prints into the one record

Code and output;

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=","}
END{for(i in a)print $1, $2, $3, substr(i,0,1), $5, $6, substr(i,3,10), substr(i,14,10), a[i], $10, $11, $12}' BUCKETED.csv > COL_TOTAL.csv
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2019-12-01,2020-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y4     **GROUP4 Record**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2017-12-01,2018-12-01,788.81,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y3     **GROUP3 Record**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2016-12-01,2017-12-01,2696.58,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y2    **GROUP2 Record**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,2927.19,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y1    **GROUP1 Record**
C,ABC,ABCD,3,ZZ,WLOA,2020-12-31,2021-10-29,788.81,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y5     **GROUP5 Record**
C,ABC,ABCD,4,ZZ,WLOA,2015-12-01,2016-12-01,1577.62,ZZZ,P,123123.10,Y6    **GROUP6 Record**

The issue I have is with COL_12 and bringing back the same value everytime (123123.10) - The desired output would be to bring back only the final record from each group, so for example we would bring back the following records from the groups


The correct output therefore would show as;


Is there any way of bringing back just this record to be printed in the awk command?

Thanks for your help.
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Old 02-17-2016
How about
    I    /tmp/bash-fc-763387004                                                                                                          Row 1    Col 1    3:16  Ctrl-K H for help
awk '
BEGIN   {FS = OFS = ","
         SUBSEP = ";"
NR==1   {print
        {a[$4, $7, $8, $13] += $9
         b[$4, $7, $8, $13] =  $12
END     {for (i in a) print $1, $2, $3, substr(i,0,1), $5, $6, substr(i,3,10), substr(i,14,10), a[i], $10, $11, b[i]
' file

Please not that field 4 is empty as substr indices start at 1, not 0.
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Old 02-17-2016
Works perfect - thank you for your help!
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