multiple sed commands

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# 1  
multiple sed commands

I have a few sed commands
sed '/^$/d' < $1 > tmp.t
sed '/^ \{3,\}/d' < tmp.t > tmp1.txt
how can I write them in a single line?

sed '/^$/d' < $1 > | '/^ \{3,\}/d' < $1 > tmp1.txt

any idea?

# 2  
I assume you want to remove all the empty lines in the files.

sed -e "/^[ <tab>]*$/d" < $1 > tmp.t

# 3  
>I assume you want to remove all the empty lines in the files.


I want in general,to use multiple sed commands,not just to delete empty lines.
# 4  
any idea unix guys??

help me!

# 5  
I think u want this........
sed -e '/^$/d' -e '/^ \{3,\}/d' Inputfilename
but beware it may not give the same result as the sequential application of the same commands....
# 6  
or separate multiple sed commands with semicolons:

sed '/^$/d;/^ \{3,\}/d' < $1 > tmp1.txt

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