Perl one liner to extract first three octets of IP Address

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Old 01-20-2016
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Encode::Detect::Detector(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Encode::Detect::Detector(3)

Encode::Detect::Detector - Detects the encoding of data SYNOPSIS
use Encode::Detect::Detector; my $charset = detect($octets); my $d = new Encode::Detect::Detector; $d->handle($octets); $d->handle($more_octets); $d->end; my $charset = $d->getresult; DESCRIPTION
This module provides an interface to Mozilla's universal charset detector, which detects the charset used to encode data. METHODS
$charset = Encode::Detect::Detector->detect($octets) Detect the charset used to encode the data in $octets and return the charset's name. Returns undef if the charset cannot be determined with sufficient confidence. $d = Encode::Detect::Detector->new() Creates a new "Encode::Detect::Detector" object and returns it. $d->handle($octets) Provides an additional chunk of data to be examined by the detector. May be called multiple times. Returns zero on success, nonzero if a memory allocation failed. $d->eof Informs the detector that there is no more data to be examined. In many cases, this is necessary in order for the detector to make a decision on the charset. $d->reset Resets the detector to its initial state. $d->getresult Returns the name of the detected charset or "undef" if no charset has (yet) been decided upon. May be called at any time. SEE ALSO
Encode::Detect AUTHOR
John Gardiner Myers <> SUPPORT
For help and thank you notes, e-mail the author directly. To report a bug, submit a patch, or add to the wishlist please visit the CPAN bug manager at: perl v5.18.2 2017-10-06 Encode::Detect::Detector(3)

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