Running Multiple scripts at a time

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Running Multiple scripts at a time


I have a scriptA.ksh and in this script I need to call script1.ksh, script2.ksh, script3.ksh, script4.ksh and script5.ksh. But want to run in two batches like

1st script1.ksh, script2.ksh, script3.ksh, once all 3 are completed then
script4.ksh script5.ksh

I have given the syntax like below, will that work :

script1.ksh & script2.ksh & script3.ksh &
script4.ksh & script5.ksh &

script4.ksh and script5.ksh should start only after 1,2,3 are completed.
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Assuming your script isn't starting any other background jobs:
script1.ksh & script2.ksh & script3.ksh &
script4.ksh & script5.ksh &

should do what you want.

Just using:
script1.ksh & script2.ksh & script3.ksh &
script4.ksh & script5.ksh &

will run all 5 script asynchronously without waiting for script1.ksh, script2.ksh, & script3.ksh to complete before starting the other two.
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