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Delete all instances of a particular file in that month

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Delete all instances of a particular file in that month
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Delete all instances of a particular file in that month


I need to move one file from source path to target path .Before moving , I need to go to target path and delete the files having certain naming convention in that particular month . So at any point of time while moving i should have only one file . Is there any command that can do this if so can you please let me know .

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hi Hypesslearner,
Can you please share some input and desire outputs also please refer some example naming convention you are using ?
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Any attempts from your side? Where are you stuck?
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Here is the example and what i have tried

I have files getting copied everyday like below


When I m copying this todays file Bkp_20151123160720.tar.gz, files of older dates of 3 days should be removed

I tried below
find Bkp_20151123160720.tar.gz -mtime -3 -exec rm {} \;

wherein I hardcoded the file name which shouldnt be the case .
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Not sure I understand. You need two commands to remove and copy.
For find, you'll need a starting directory. Try
find /target/path -name "Bkp_*160720.tar.gz" -mtime +3 -exec rm {} \;
cp /source/path/Bkp_*.tar.gz /target/path

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