Find Default user

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Find Default user


Working in Kubuntu 14.04

I know I can find the default user line using the cmd from bash:

cat /etc/passwd | grep 1000

What I get is:

user:x:1000:1000:User Name,,,:/home/user:/bin/bash

How do I extract to get:


All help appreciated!



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See if any of these will get you going:
awk -F":" '/1000/ {print $1, $6}' /etc/passwd

awk -F":" '$3=="1000" {print $1, $6}' /etc/passwd

By the way
cat /etc/passwd | grep 1000

is like eating macaronis using a fork first to load into a spoon.
grep can read files by itself
grep 1000 /etc/passwd

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Expanding on what Aia said to get those values assigned to the desired variables:
read myuser myhome <<< $(awk -F":" '$3=="1000" {print $1, $6}' /etc/passwd)

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pure bash:
 while IFS=":" read user _ userid _ _ homedir _; do [ $userid -eq 1000 ] && break; done < /etc/passwd

IFS=":" read user _ userid _ _ homedir _ <<< $(grep ".*:.*:1000:" /etc/passwd)

This is not false positive proof, though.
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Rudi, your second solution must have the here-string in quotes.
Just like the following
IFS=":" read myuser x x x x myhome x <<< "`getent passwd 1000`"

Otherwise special characters can spoil it.
And bash seems to have a parsing problem...?
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Works for my bash. What special chars could spoil it? The here string would supply one single (hopefully) line that would be read into the variables.
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I get this:
% cat passwd
% IFS=":" read user _ userid _ _ homedir _ <<< $(grep ".*:.*:1000:" passwd); echo $user; echo $userid
user x 1000 0 Super-User / /bin/sh

% IFS=":" read user _ userid _ _ homedir _ <<< "$(grep ".*:.*:1000:" passwd)"; echo $user; echo $userid

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