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Multiline sed

Hi guys,

I am fairly comfortable with using the sed command if the string to be replaced is all on a single line.

I was wondering is it possible to use sed command in a multiline way ?

Say for example I have the below string on 2 different lines:

        "key": "brandNameA",
        "value": "aMobile"

And I want it to be replaced with:

        "key": "brandNameB",
        "value": "bMobile"

Is it possible using a single instance of sed?

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sed '/brandNameA/ {N; s//brandNameB/; s/aMobile/bMobile/}' file

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Unix sed wants a ; or a newline (or another -e ' ') before a }
sed '/brandNameA/ {N; s//brandNameB/; s/aMobile/bMobile/;}' file

Further some Unix sed have a bug: a command that follows a } must be separated by a newline (or another -e ' ').
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Perhaps a few other alternatives:

sed '/brandNameA/ {N; s/brandNameA\(.*\n.*\)aMobile/brandNameB\1bMobile/;}' junaid_subhani.example

sed '/brandNameA/ {N; s/\(brandName\)A\(.*\n.*\)a\(Mobile\)/\1B\2b\3/;}' junaid_subhani.example

sed '/brandNameA/ {N;s/A\(.*\n.*\)a/B\1b/;}' junaid_subhani.example

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