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Loop multiple directory, find a file and send email

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Loop multiple directory, find a file and send email
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Old 11-02-2015
Loop multiple directory, find a file and send email

Hello ALL,

need a BASH script who find file and send email with attachment.
I have 50 folders without sub directories in each generated files of different sizes but with a similar name Rp01.txt Rp02.txt Rp03.txt ...etc. Each directors bound by mail group, I need a script that goes as directories and detect file sending mail attachment of the email group.



/home/test/test01 =
/home/test/test02 =
/home/test/test03 =
/home/test/test50 =

script : when find file in directory test01 --> auto send mail with attachment file to

I hope I described things well, sorry for bad English

mutt -s "Subject" -a $(find /home/test/test01 -type f -name "Rp*.txt") -- < /dev/null

if use above line "mutt..." when i need a 50 rows crontab Smilie

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Old 11-02-2015
Try (untested)
cd /home/test
find ./ -iname "rp*.txt" | sort |  awk -F"/" -v S="$Subject" '
LAST && $2 != LAST      {gsub (/\.\//, "", ATT)
                         print "mutt -s \"" S "\" -a \"" ATT "\" " $2 ""
                         ATT = ""
                         DL  = ""
                        {ATT=ATT DL $3
                         DL = ","
                         LAST = $2
END                     {gsub (/\.\//, "", ATT)
                         print "mutt -s \"" S "\" -a \"" ATT "\" " $2 ""
' | sh

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