Count delimiter(~|*) each row in a file and return 1 or 0

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Old 10-23-2015
Count delimiter(~|*) each row in a file and return 1 or 0


I want to check delimiter in file. Delimiter in my file is ~|*

sample of file :

in this i want to count number delimiter occur is 4 in each row if count is less then or more then 4 in any row then it return 1 else 0

my command is

awk -F '~|*' 'BEGIN{delim_flag=0} NF != 4 {delim_flag=1} END{print delim_flag}' "filename.txt"

But this command is not working because delimiter is ~|* same command is working when delimiter is | or ~ or ~| but with * there is problem

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Old 10-23-2015
Hello Mohanp12,

Welcome to forums, please use code tags for commands/codes/Inputs which you are using in your posts as per forum rules. Following may help you in same.
awk -F"~|*" 'BEGIN{print "Line Number \t status"} {if(NF>4){print NR OFS OFS 1} else {print NR OFS OFS 0}}' OFS="\t"  Input_file

Output will be as follows.
Line Number 	 status
1		1
2		1
3		1
4		1

I am putting 1 in output when condition is Number of fields NF>4, while taking delimitor as ~|*. You could change status as per your need too, hope this helps. Enjoy learning.

R. Singh
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Old 10-23-2015
The problem is the | as it has a special meaning in regexes (alternation).
awk '{print NR, gsub("~\|*", "&")!=3}' file3
1 0
2 0
3 0
4 0

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Old 10-26-2015

Thanks in advance

The code you provide is given same error . There is issue with *


awk: 0602-521 There is a regular expression error.
        ?*+ not preceded by valid expression.

The input line number is 1. The file is cerf/TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt.
 The source line number is 1.
DELFLADF=Line Number     status
+ echo Line Number       status
Line Number      status

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Old 10-26-2015
Hello MOHANP12,

You haven't mentioned your OS name, on a Solaris/SunOS system, change awk to /usr/xpg4/bin/awk , /usr/xpg6/bin/awk , or nawk. Let us know if that helps or please do provide us complete details on your OS and errors for same too. I am using bash(LINUX) system and it is working fine for me.

R. Singh
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Old 10-26-2015
The asterisk has special meaning in an ERE too.

Assuming you aren't on a Solaris/SunOS system, try:
awk -F '~\|\*' 'NF != 4 {delim_flag=1; exit} END{printf("%d\n", delim_flag}' "filename.txt"

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Old 10-26-2015
Hi RavinderSingh13

My OS is AIX unix.


+ + awk BEGIN{FS="~|*"} {if(NF!=30){print NR OFS OFS 1} else {print NR OFS OFS 0}} OFS=\t TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt
awk: 0602-521 There is a regular expression error.
        ?*+ not preceded by valid expression.

 The input line number is 1. The file is TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt.
 The source line number is 1.
+ echo

set -x
#IFS="~|*" "126 124 42"
DELFLADF=`awk 'BEGIN{FS="~|*"} {if(NF!=30){print NR OFS OFS 1} else {print NR OFS OFS 0}}' OFS="\t" "TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt"`

#DELFLADF=`nawk -F "~|*" 'BEGIN{delim_flag=0} NF != 30 {delim_flag=1} END{print delim_flag}' "TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt"`
#DELFLADF=`awk '{print NR, gsub("~\|*", "&")!=30}' "TGT_OUTBND_20151012_122417DUP.txt"`
echo "$DELFLADF"

Already try all condition FS="~|\*" \ for specical chrcter

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