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Need to remove columns from file at run time

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need to remove columns from file at run time
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Old 10-15-2015
Need to remove columns from file at run time

I want to built a generic code to remove columns from file. Column number will be passed at run time.I may have multiple number like 2,5,10 so Can you please help.

I know how to remove when we know column number but I want a generic code where column number will be passed at run time.

cat test1
cat > test2

Delete 2nd column from test1 then out put should be:

Delete 2nd and 4th column from test2 then out put should be

the above should be done with same code

Thanks in advance.

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Old 10-15-2015
You don't need a script for that, can do it using cut command
cut -d',' -f1 test1
cut -d',' -f1,3 test2

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Old 10-15-2015
Thanks sam05121988 for replying.

But as I mentioned above I need generic solution which can be used for both input file as I can pass any column number to delete from file.

I hope I am clear with requirement.
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Old 10-15-2015
Is this a homework assignment?

What operating system and shell are you using?

What have you tried to solve this problem? Where are you stuck?
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Old 10-15-2015
I just use cut command or awk to print the columns as mentioned by sam05121988 but I just thought of making it generic so that it should work for any file just we need to pass column number which we need to drop. so I do not have idea on how to make it generic thats why I have posted here as experts are here.

I am using Unix as OS.
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Old 10-15-2015
Please answer Don Cragun's other questions as well.

What exactly do you mean by "make it generic"? Wouldn't e.g. cut with expanded shell variables be generic enough?
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Old 10-15-2015
Already given answer of Don Cragun's questions.

Make it generic means same code should work for any file where as file structure may differ and column number which need to drop may differ.

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