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If echo statement return false

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Old 09-28-2015
If echo statement return false

I have this code that sometimes return a false value and the code inside the if statement gets executed and error out. Any idea why? thanks.

So I set a debug and see what the value for $ScriptElapsedTime

Here is the value I got ScriptElapsedTime='03:20'. Base on this value the if statement shouldn't even execute.
ScriptElapsedTime=`ps -p $$ -o etime | tail -1 | awk '{print $1}'`

if echo "$ScriptElapsedTime" | grep ":" | grep -q "\-"
then NAME "$oradb - ScriptElapsedTime debug" "ScriptElapsedTime='$ScriptElapsedTime'"
  procdays=`echo "$ScriptElapsedTime" | awk -F- '{print $1}'`
  ScriptElapsedTime=`echo "$ScriptElapsedTime" | awk -F- '{print $2}'`
  let TotProcMin=$TotProcMin+$procdays*1440

let: :: invalid character in expression - TotProcMin=0+3:20*1440

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Old 09-28-2015
What OS & shell versions are you using?
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Old 09-28-2015

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Old 09-28-2015
Solaris 5.11 Korn

---------- Post updated at 11:59 AM ---------- Previous update was at 11:56 AM ----------

sea: the issue is not the code inside the if statement, that if statement is false with value "03:42" and should not excute
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Old 09-28-2015
@sea, ITYM

Some optimizations (less calls to external programs); should work in most shells:
ScriptElapsedTime=`ps -p $$ -o etime= | awk '{print $1}'`

if [[ "$ScriptElapsedTime" = *-* ]]
then NAME "$oradb - ScriptElapsedTime debug" "ScriptElapsedTime='$ScriptElapsedTime'"
  TotProcMin=$(( $procminutes+$procdays*1440 ))

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Old 09-28-2015
I've had the post edited, but seems i was too slow.. ${procdays/:*}
It is/was the days that have the hours and minutes, i guess that is the core issue.
Of course i was refering to the original code, not yours Smilie
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Old 09-28-2015
it should only execute if ScriptElapsedTime="1-3:20"

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