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How to store remote variable from remote cat file ??

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to store remote variable from remote cat file ??
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Old 08-24-2015
How to store remote variable from remote cat file ??

I am trying to cat on a file located on remote server and assign it to remote variable.

I have both local and remote variables. Running below script from local.

ssh $J_IP  "ps auxw |grep java | grep -v grep |grep $J_NAME | awk '{print  \$2}'>/tmp/$;
chmod u+rwx /tmp/$;
pid= cat /tmp/$;
echo \$pid; kill -3 \$pid >>/tmp/$J_NAME.log"

I can print remote value by doing cat on remote /tmp/$ but not able to store in remote variable and do some work on that variable.

I understand concept of `,",',\. Looks like I am missing something Smilie

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Old 08-24-2015
Hi, to put the output of a command into a variable, use command substitution

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Old 08-25-2015
A few points I think I should mention:-
  • You are needlessly issuing chmod as the file will be RW by you in any case and there is no need to execute it - it's just the output from ps after all.
  • You ssh finishes and the file $ is written to the local server, not the remote.
    You then try to kill the remote process on the local server which could be very bad if you have a process id locally that matches.
    Create your script on the remote server, then execute it as one process.
i hope that this helps,

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