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Old 08-13-2015
HP ksh Arithmetic syntax error while comparing decimal numbers


I am having a problem when i execute following script on RHEL 6.4. Same script works fine on another machine where I have same version of RHEL and KSH.

Below is the rpm and RHEL version.

ossvm12(0)> rpm -qa | grep ksh
ossvm12(0)> cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)

With same RHEL and rpm version the script works fine on another machine.
I am trying to figure out what can effect this simple check "-ge" in ksh.


if [ $i -ge $j ]
echo "$i ge $j"

In above script i have hard coded i and j for demo purpose. I have given -x option to get the debug info. Below is how i get it it.

[root@snmp1 ~]# /tmp/t.ksh
+ i=10
+ j=10.01
+ [ 10 -ge 10.01 ]
/tmp/t.ksh[5]: [: 10.01: arithmetic syntax error
[root@snmp1 ~]

I know "[" will invoke "test" command. But when i have same version fo KSH and RHEL on 2 machines, why does above script have different results ?

Somehow the "-ge" option is not working.

I even verified checksum of /bin/ksh93 which gets shipped in rpm on these 2 machines. Both are same.

What could be the cause ? Any more information needed ? Please help.

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Old 08-13-2015
there's no 'floating number' arithmetic in ksh AFAIK.
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Old 08-13-2015
if [ $(($i)) -ge $(($j)) ]

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Originally Posted by vgersh99
there's no 'floating number' arithmetic in ksh AFAIK.
'ksh' can do floating point arithmetic at least on 1993 versions...
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Old 08-13-2015

KSH-93 allows you to do integer arithmetic in any base from two to sixty-four. You can also do double precision floating point arithmetic. Almost the complete set of C language operators are available with the same syntax and precedence. Arithmetic expressions can be used to as an argument expansion or as a separate command. In addition there is an arithmetic for command that works like the for statement in C.
-- KSH-93 - The KornShell Command and Programming Language
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Old 08-14-2015
Yes KSH supports floating point arithmetic. I am not getting why its behaving weirdly in 1 machine when it works on the other. What can cause this sort of problem is what I am looking for.

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Old 08-14-2015
The most likely cause is that you're using a 1993 version of ksh on the system where it works, but using a 1988 version of ksh or some non-ksh shell on the other system.

What is the output from the commands:
type ksh
echo $SHELL
ksh --version
/bin/ksh --version

on the system where your code works.

What is the output from those same commands on the system where it doesn't work?
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Old 08-14-2015


Thanks all for your time. Actually the problem was with the LC_ALL configuration. On the machine where there was arithmetic syntax error it was "fr_FR.UTF-8".

If I set the LC_ALL to "fr_FR.UTF-8" as shown below I can reproduce the problem.

root(0)> LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8
root(0)> locale
root(0)> cat /tmp/t.ksh


if [ $i -ge $j ]
        echo "$i is ge $j"
        echo "$j is ge $i"
root(0)> /tmp/t.ksh
/tmp/t.ksh[6]: [: 10.01: arithmetic syntax error
10.01 is ge 10

To solve the problem, set LC_ALL=C.

root(0)> LC_ALL=C
root(0)> /tmp/t.ksh
10.01 is ge 10


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