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ftp - get file and keep original timestamp?

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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2006
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ftp - get file and keep original timestamp?

Can you ftp (get) a file from another server and keep the timestamp on the file that is on the other server?

server2 - Mar 12 12:30 /filename1

On Mar 15 at 13:00
server1 ftp to server2 and get /filename1

I want the file filename1 to have the date (Mar 12 12:30) on the file timestamp when it is on my server1...

is this possible?
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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2006
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Not with ftp.

You will have to use touch on the file after it has been moved over.
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Old Unix and Linux 03-15-2006
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This question seems to come up a lot...
ftp timestamp
transferring files using ftp but mantaining the dates
FTP - Get the file date and time on the remote server

The first two threads mention creating an archive, tranferring the archive, and extracting the files. The third thread discussed the problem with old files not having a complete timestamp visible to ftp; and it has a perl script that ignores the problem.
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