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Yet another simple script installer

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Old 08-04-2015
Yet another simple script installer


Just recently i tried to apply the GNU Autotools to my project, while it was possible, it took forever to know where to create which files and what to place in each of them.
Dare you making a space rather than a tab!

Inspired by GNU Autotools, and overhelmed by its functionality and complexety, i wanted something simpler, smaller, quicker for my smaller projects - that do no require compiling.

While i do respect and honor their work, for a 'simple script project' the Autotools are somewhat overpowered and hard to handle.
While i consider myselft a fast adapter/learner, and thinking about how much trouble i had, i could imagine others having more trouble with the GNU Autotools.

So, YASSI was born.
  • It creates 3 make-* files, and a 'reference' file - doRef=true will install it to /etc/$APP.conf
  • make-distclean, would remove the just created files, cleaning up your project dir
  • make-install, well does the installation
  • make-uninstall, removes the installed files


Example config:
DATADIR="./incl ./menu ./templates"


Since this tool/google+ post has had more shares and likes in less time than any of my other posts (on G+) i thought i'd share it here for those without G+.

Hope you like it.
Have fun!

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