How to save a file directly into windows from UNIX?

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Old 08-02-2015
How to save a file directly into windows from UNIX?


How can i save a file directly into my windows file system by running a shell script from my unix file system.

I need to fetch data from a database and save it in a file. Since the data downloaded from database is huge, if i save it in the unix file system, the space in my home directory gets filled up very soon. so, i used to download data on small chunks and transfer the file to my windows desktop using ftp.
FTP takes a lot of time to transfer the data file from unix to windows. SO my requirement is can i directly save the data fetched from DB in wondows filesystem so that i can avoid FTP. If so please explain me.

I don't know how to mount windows file system to unix.
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Old 08-02-2015
You don't state which Unix operating system or which Windows version it is. Please enlighten us.

I would say that you probably need to configure and/or install a NFS server (not just NFS client) on your Windows box. Microsoft sometimes provide this as an add-on or sometimes it's built-in depending on whether you are talking desktop or exact server version. You will need to research that on the basis of exactly what Windows OS you are running. Also make a note of which version of NFS (2,3,or 4) the Windows is supporting.

Then, after that you should be able to configure and publish a NFS handle on your network from the Window box which you can mount in the usual way on your Unix box (depending on which Unix O/S it is). This filesystem will then be still under the management of the Windows OS but directly accessible from Unix.

Please provide more information on your environment(s).

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Old 08-02-2015
I don't think ftp adds that much overhead, so don't expect too much performance improvements using other methods/mechanisms.
I guess you can "share" your home directory, which is done by using the smb protocol (CIFS). Try using the samba client tools to copy data to your shared home dir.
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