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Comparing multiple network files (edge lists)

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Comparing multiple network files (edge lists)
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Old 07-02-2015
Comparing multiple network files (edge lists)

I want to compare 4 edge-lists to basically see if an edge is present in all 4 networks. The issue is that an edge A-B in one file can be present as B-A in another file.

Input 1:  net1.txt

A B 0.1
C D 0.65
D E 0.9
E A 0.7

Input 2:  net2.txt
A Z 0.1
C D 0.65
E D 0.9
E A 0.7

Input 3:  net3.txt
Y Z 0.1
C D 0.65
D E 0.9
W R 0.7

Input 4:  net4.txt
F Z 0.1
D C 0.65
D E 0.9
W Q 0.7

Intersection of net1.txt, net2.txt, net3.txt and net4.txt:
C D 0.65
D E 0.9

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Old 07-02-2015
Which sequence do you want printed: C D or D C ? How do you determine the one preferred, by the count of occurrences? What if each has a count of 2?

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Assuming it's the count, try
awk '
FNR==1  {FCNT++}


END {for (t in T)       {split (t, X, SUBSEP)
                         if (T[t]==FCNT && C[X[1],X[2]] >= FCNT/2) print t}}

' SUBSEP=" " file[1-4]
C D 0.65
D E 0.9

This has a small drawback which to find out I leave as a challenge to you.

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