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Write and compile Unix exec

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Old 03-11-2006
Write and compile Unix exec

Does a unix compiler come standard on Darwin or do you have to DL one. What programing langauge do you write it in... I know on MS-Dos its a bash file that just uses dos commands, but I keep hearing C in this forum. how would I write and compile code for unix? just cat a new file, use unix commands, and then compile it? Thanks for your help

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term::ansi::ctrl::unix(n)					 Terminal control					 term::ansi::ctrl::unix(n)


term::ansi::ctrl::unix - Control operations and queries SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require term::ansi::ctrl::unix ?0.1? ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::import ?ns? ?arg...? ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::raw ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::raw ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::columns ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::rows _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
WARNING: This package is unix-specific and depends on the availability of two unix system commands for terminal control, i.e. stty and tput, both of which have to be found in the $PATH. If any of these two commands is missing the loading of the package will fail. The package provides commands to switch the standard input of the current process between raw and cooked input modes, and to query the size of terminals, i.e. the available number of columns and lines. API
INTROSPECTION ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::import ?ns? ?arg...? This command imports some or all attribute commands into the namespace ns. This is by default the namespace ctrl. Note that this is relative namespace name, placing the imported command into a child of the current namespace. By default all commands are imported, this can howver be restricted by listing the names of the wanted commands after the namespace argument. OPERATIONS ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::raw This command switches the standard input of the current process to raw input mode. This means that from then on all characters typed by the user are immediately reported to the application instead of waiting in the OS buffer until the Enter/Return key is received. ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::raw This command switches the standard input of the current process to cooked input mode. This means that from then on all characters typed by the user are kept in OS buffers for editing until the Enter/Return key is received. ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::columns This command queries the terminal connected to the standard input for the number of columns available for display. ::term::ansi::ctrl::unix::rows This command queries the terminal connected to the standard input for the number of rows (aka lines) available for display. BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category term of the Tcllib SF Trackers []. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation. KEYWORDS
ansi, columns, control, cooked, input mode, lines, raw, rows, terminal CATEGORY
Terminal control COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2006 Andreas Kupries <> term 0.1 term::ansi::ctrl::unix(n)

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