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Old 06-12-2015
Improve script and get new output file


Using the following script, I got the changes as desired in the output file called ( Complete file as input (spread_2611.x01).

Can you please have a look to my script and improve it please. Smilie

Also I would like to I get a additional selecting only the records were the changes were done, please.

Here my script and attached the data to run the script.

             read -p "First : " fsw
             read -p "Last  : " lsw


touch $file

        for swath in $(seq $fsw $lsw)
awk '{\
	printf ("spread_'${swath}'.x01 %5d.00   %5d.00 %5d.00   %5d.00\n",ori_line,ori_point,off_line,off_point)}' $swath"offb1-Sx.sps" >> $file


awk '{F=$1;a[F];e=(F~/x01$/)?"  ":z;s=$2"  "$3;p=$2"  "$3;r=$4"  "$5;
print "s/" s "/" r "/" >> F".sed"
for(i in a){print "sed -f "i".sed "i " >>"i".new">>"changeindex"}
}' datatochange.txt

sh changeindex

awk '{print $1}' datatochange.txt | uniq > datatochange1.txt 

awk '{a[$1]++ ; print $1}' datatochange1.txt | while read i
mv "$i" "$i.old" && mv "$" "$i"
rm -f "$i.sed"

Later I will use this script to change many files at the same time.

Thanks for your help
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Old 06-12-2015
Having a hard time to read and try to understand your snippet. What problems do you encounter that need improvement? Real errors? Performance problem?
One error I found by just looking: there's a do missing in the last while loop.
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Old 06-12-2015
Dear RudiC
Well It works Fine. When i say improve
I though you can modify It or get other way to do the same output more faster or efficient as your say my script is difficult to readSmilie.

Also i am missing a output For only the records where the changes where done, i can get It with grep using input and output. But maybe there is other way

Thanks For your help
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Old 06-12-2015
Well, may I doubt "It works Fine"? Parts of it, maybe, but still that "do" is missing, for certain leading to an error message.
Every programmer has his/her own style, and none of those is THE style, but - please - adopt some indentation habits that structure your code making it easier to read and understand.
For your clarity and by sheer courtesy to us, do the first step yourself and tidy that thing up. If correctly, structuredly, and nicely presented, optimization opportunities will lend themselves to implemention...
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Old 06-13-2015
Dear RudiC
Thanks For all your advises and help
I am not a programer, just i am learning. Now i am reading Pro Bash Programing to learn well bash.

I will try to optmize It.

Regates and Thanks again

---------- Post updated 06-13-15 at 01:23 PM ---------- Previous update was 06-12-15 at 09:42 PM ----------

Dear RudiC

Here my last update, hope it is more clear now. Smilie

             read -p "First: " fxl

             read -p "Last : " lxl

touch $file

        for valueNB in $(seq $fxl $lxl)
        printf " |----------->> Processing value $valueNB \n"
## create Dbase ---
awk '{\
	printf ("'${sw_spread}' %5d.00   %5d.00 %5d.00   %5d.00\n",ori_line,ori_point,off_line,off_point)}' ${sw_offset} > $file

## create file with vps to be replaced && generate new files with changes done ----
	awk '{F=$1;a[F]?"   ":s=$2"  "$3;r=$4"  "$5;x=1;y=3;
	print "s/" s x "/" r y "/" >> F".sed"
	for(i in a){print "sed -f "i".sed "i " > "i".new">"changefile"}
	}' $file
	sh changefile
	mv "$i" "$i.ori" && mv "$" "$i"

## create file with only vps replaced && Concatenated QC files: Spread and Vps2Cancell ----	


	awk '{print substr($0,23,18)}' $i.sed > $off_spread
	grep -hFf $off_spread $i >> QC_spread_DB_$fxl"_"$lxl.x01
	awk 'BEGIN {OFS= ","}{print $6,"S,"substr($5,1,5),substr($5,6,5)}' $xl_guia >> QC_vps2cancell_DB_$fxl"_"$lxl.csv

## Deleting files
	rm -f "$i.sed"	*change*

Kindly can you give other idea to change the code in red, to be more faster.. It works well but is very slow when I run the script for many files.

Thanks for your help

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Old 06-13-2015
A good step into the right direction! Some comments:
Once you adopted a style, you should stay consistent (which doesn't mean you can't evolve over time). In above, in "create DBase", you have "continuation backslashes", in the other, you don't (as they obviously aren't needed). You should stick to one single syntax.
And this }END{ is absolutely horrible to read. awk uses
pattern {action}
pairs, c.f. man awk. You could reflect that in your style. Why don't you look around in here and find a neat style that you like and can adopt and adapt?

---------- Post updated at 23:13 ---------- Previous update was at 23:02 ----------

Regarding your performance issue: Having a loop running awk to produce a shell script full of sed commands which then is executed by sh smells like to be sloooow.
And - your script has changed from post#1 to post#5. Sure it's still working?

There certainly are ways to improve, but I don't think I'll be working on THAT script. Explain verbosely and exactly what you need to be done, post sample input and output files, and someone in here might come up with a good solution for you.

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Old 06-13-2015
Dear RudiC
Thanks For your comments, the script works Fine But slow.
I will attach examples or input and output Files, they are big so i cant post Here,
Thanks again.
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