(hard one) awk, copy matching 2 col & 10-12 rows, is it possible?

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Oracle (hard one) awk, copy matching 2 col & 10-12 rows, is it possible?

Hey guys, my first post here.
I'm trying to use awk to copy all matching paragraphs from one file

The file looks like this :

Test Case Number 990990003099
Card Type CCCC
Transaction Type Sale
Entry Mode Keyed
Account Number 4099562299219923
Transaction Amount 78.88
Description lorem ipsum lorem ipsum
AVS Billing Postal Code 99999
Response Code 999
AVS Result Code A
Test Case Number 000990003099
Card Type CCCC
Transaction Type Sale
Entry Mode Keyed
Account Number 4909969931992993
Transaction Amount 78.90
Description lorem ipsum lorem ipsum
AVS Billing Postal Code 99999
Response Code 999
AVS Result Code Z

I need to copy from the line that says "Test Case" to another "Test case" if the "Transaction Type" equals a certain word, ether, "Sale", "Refund" or other type that I set.

The data set is spread across 2 columns and 10-12 rows.

Is it possible to copy with awk? If yes, then ... how?

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.

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Please use code tags as required by forum rules!

Any attempts / ideas from your side?

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Anyhowm try
awk '
/^Test Case/            {if (PR) print OP; OP=""; PR=0; DL=""}
/^Trans.*Type/          {PR=($NF==TYP)}
                        {OP=OP DL $0; DL=RS}
END                     {if (PR) print OP}
' TYP="Sale" file

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Ok, that did not work.

I'm getting an empty file.

However, the spec has changed somewhat.

I'll basically need to flip a table, - move a table with labels in rows, to a table that has labels on columns.
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