Builtin alternatives for several commands?

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Builtin alternatives for several commands?

I'm adapting a BASH script to run with an absolute minimal amounts of Cygwin64 files so colleagues using Windows can use it without installing Cygwin.
I am down to the following in /bin only (replacing cut with parameter substitution eliminated all needed things in /etc)
cygwin-console-helper.exe (mintty misbehaves without this)
find.exe (using a wildcard, directory type, recursion, and file attribute output so replacement unlikely): $( find "$dataDir" -type d -name '*.aps' -printf '%T@|%p\n' -prune | sort -nr )
ls.exe (expanding * and suppressing whitespace with OFS=$'\n'): $(ls -dr "${apsFolder[$apsIn]}""/Run"*)
mintty.exe (used to support ANSI bold, underline, etc.)
mv.exe (I think I can replace this with a > and then rm): mv "${runFolder[$runIn]}" "${apsFolder[$apsIn]}""/Run""$padded"" - ""$newName"
rename.exe (using * wildcard): rename "$runName" "$newName" "$excelFolder""/"*".csv"
rm.exe: rm "${runFolder[$runIn]}""/comm" &>/dev/null
sed.exe (already planning on replacing with ${var/Pattern/Replacement})
sort.exe: $( find "$dataDir" -type d -name '*.aps' -printf '%T@|%p\n' -prune | sort -nr )
stat.exe: dateStamp=$(stat -c '%y' "$i") (keep in mind these are windows files either on the users hard drive or a windows share)

Any low handing fruit? No need to write the code for me just point me in the right direction.


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Update: looks like find is (sometimes?) needing something in /etc as well (cant be all the time or I could not have been able to test cut). Any trick to find out what other than trial and error (what I used so far)?


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Instead of mollycoddling Windows folks into using Unix-like tools, why not just teach them a bit of PowerShell?

Go native, why not?!
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Originally Posted by Scott
Instead of mollycoddling Windows folks into using Unix-like tools, why not just teach them a bit of PowerShell?

Go native, why not?!
Because I would have to learn it first Smilie Hadoop has been next on my list for a while and my organization seems to be moving toward Python for scripting (previously an in-house extended version of VB). I'm an engineer not a programmer. They are end users who can't code at all.


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At the risk of sounding completely unhelpful, what about a web interface with some CGI?
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I just want to follow up that I was changing jobs in the department so I just solved a couple of these and got my mini Cygwin down to 6MB in 20 files in 3 folders--works well. profile is the only thing needed from /etc.

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cygwin performance is not the best, you could create wrappers to power shell or even batch files.
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