cannot use the same script to read cookie

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Old 03-08-2006
cannot use the same script to read cookie

Hi all,

I am using the following code to read a cookie. when this script is hosted on a unix server(solaris) it runs perfect. but when executed on a windows machine cannot retrieve the cookie.

# Modules used
use CGI;
# Create an object of CGI
$query = new CGI;
# Request the cookie with the name MY_COOKIE
$theCookie = $query->cookie('MY_COOKIE');

print "<b>$theCookie";

any help???

thanks in advance
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XGetEventData(3)						  XLIB FUNCTIONS						  XGetEventData(3)

XGetEventData, XFreeEventData, XGenericEventCookie - retrieve and free additional event data through cookies. SYNTAX
Bool XGetEventData(Display *display, XGenericEventCookie *cookie); void XFreeEventData(Display *display, XGenericEventCookie *cookie); ARGUMENTS
display Specifies the connection to the X server. cookie Specifies the cookie to free or retrieve the data for. STRUCTURES
typedef struct { int type; unsigned long serial; Bool send_event; Display *display; int extension; int evtype; unsigned int cookie; void *data; } XGenericEventCookie; DESCRIPTION
Some extension XGenericEvents require additional memory to store information. For these events, the library returns a XGenericEventCookie with a token ('cookie') unique to this event. The XGenericEventCookie's data pointer is undefined until XGetEventData is called. The XGetEventData function retrieves this extra data for the given cookie. No round-trip to the server is required. If the cookie is invalid or the event is not an event handled by cookie handlers, False is returned. If XGetEventData returns True, the cookie's data pointer points to the memory containing the event information. A client must call XFreeEventData to free this memory. XGetEventData returns False for multiple calls for the same event cookie. The XFreeEventData function frees the data associated with a cookie. A client must call XFreeEventData for each cookie claimed with XGetEventData. EXAMPLE CODE
XEvent event; XGenericEventCookie *cookie = &ev; XNextEvent(display, &event); if (XGetEventData(display, cookie)) { handle_cookie_event(cookie->data); } else handle_event(&event); } XFreeEventData(display, cookie); NOTES
A cookie is defined as unclaimed if it has been returned to the client through XNextEvent but its data has not been retrieved via XGetEventData. Subsequent calls to XNextEvent may free memory associated with unclaimed cookies. Multi-threaded X clients must ensure that XGetEventData is called before the next call to XNextEvent. SEE ALSO
XNextEvent(3), Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 libX11 1.6.0 XGetEventData(3)

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