Creating a captcha with amazon node .htaccess"

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Creating a captcha with amazon node .htaccess"

hello i have a project that i have to create a captcha
can someone please help me do this in my mac terminal im a beginner tell me the steps to do this?

in public_html, create a file named ".htaccess" with the following content:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "CIS440"
AuthBasicProvider file
AuthUserFile <path name to your password file. see below>
Require valid-user

in order to create your own password file to be used for "AuthUserFile", do this

htpasswd -c <path name to the password file> <your user id> <your web password>

the password file should be somewhere not under the public_html directory (you would not want someone to be able to download your password file)

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A captcha is different than the use of authentication through a .htaccess file. A captcha is something you embed on a form/web page in an effort to insure the form/webpage is being utilized by a real person and not a script/automated mechanism.

You would have to create a .htaccess file on your server.

This topic is covered extensively on the internet...
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amazon node login info?

how can i get my amazon node login? i was just provided with the user id by my teacher
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