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awk --> selective printout with FNR

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk --> selective printout with FNR
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Old 05-20-2015
awk --> selective printout with FNR

Hi everybody!

need some awk-support. i want a line-selective printout of a file.
wat i normally will do with ...
awk ' FNR==8' sample.txt

But now i need the data from line 8, 10 and the following data from line13 to 250 wich is not end of the file. I tried allready to combine it but without success. can someone please give me a hint.

thanks in advance,
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Old 05-20-2015
What have you tried?
awk 'FNR==8 || FNR==10 || (FNR>=13 && FNR<=250)' sample.txt

should work.
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Old 05-20-2015
Originally Posted by CarloM
What have you tried?
awk 'FNR==8 || FNR==10 || (FNR>=13 && FNR<=250)' sample.txt

should work.
baaam, that works propper!
Thanks a lot CarloM

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