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Old 05-14-2015
[awk] printing value of a variable assignment from a file


Me try to print only the value of a (specific) variable assignment from a file.

What i get (1):
:) tui $ bin/tui-conf-get ~/.tui_rc TUI_THEME


What i want: (2)
✔ tui $ bin/tui-conf-get ~/.tui_rc TUI_THEME


Code i got:
awk	'  
		/^#/  ||
		/^\[/  ||
		/!VAR/ { next }
			if (VAR = $1) {
				if ("-z" != $2) {
					print $2

The RC file looks like:
# This file is not ment to be changed manualy!
# Any change of this file may result in an unusable TUI.
# Do changes at your own risk!
#	Theme
#	Options are: 	default, default-red, dot-blue, dot-red, \
#			floating, mono, witch-purple, witch-yellow
#	See /usr/share/tui/themes
#	Paths
[ -z "$TUI_DIR_INSTALL_ROOT" ] &&  \
[ -z "$TUI_PREFIX" ] && \
[ -z "$TUI_DIR_CONF" ] && readonly \
#	Files
[ -z "$TUI_FILE_TEMP" ] && readonly \
[ -z "$TUI_FILE_CONF_LOADLIST" ] && readonly \

What am i missing?
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Old 05-14-2015
Perhaps this will help you:

$ printf "%s=%s\n" one two three four TUI_THEME dot-blue | awk -v VAR="TUI_THEME" -F= '
   /!VAR/ {next}
   { print $2}'

$ printf "%s=%s\n" one two three four TUI_THEME dot-blue | awk -v VAR="TUI_THEME" -F= '
   $1 != VAR {next}
   { print $2}'

So your choices here are:

/!VAR/    -> Input line contains the string "!VAR" anywhere
!/VAR/    -> Input line does not contain the string "VAR" anywhere
$0 !~ VAR -> Input line doesn't contain the contents of variable VAR anywhere
$1 != VAR -> First field is anything except the exact contents of variable VAR

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Old 05-15-2015
Since you are using an = sign as field separator, $1 will contain leading spaces, so it is not going to equal to the name, unless it it right at the beginning of the line. You could try
$1 ~ VAR "$"

rather than

$ awk -F= -v VAR=TUI_THEME '$1 ~ "^[^#]*" VAR "$"{print $2}' ~/.tui_rc

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