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Old 05-13-2015
Question Better Align--output of find command


i have sh program which search for a file in a folder structure and provides its path. This is just used to see if that file exits more that once anywhere down the folder structure. I have used find command to search & printing it output on terminal.

I have attached screen shot of it. only help i need is to make is better aligned which i am not able to do it.

search_folder=/home/pks/Desktop # Folder in which i am searching
while read line;
echo File name is:-$line -- `find $search_folder -name $line` # finding the file name from office.txt in search folder.
done < /home/pks/Desktop/office.txt # File from which i am reading

Better Align--output of find command-screenshotpng

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Old 05-13-2015
What would you call "better aligned"? An output sample would seriously help here.

And, wouldn't it be better to traverse the directory structure just once in lieu of doing it for every line in office.txt, running the risk of finding more than one file? Think about finding all files under the search_folder, piping them to an awk script that filters and formats?
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Old 05-13-2015 just been few days(max 5 days) working with shell. Dont know awk but will try hand on that for sure.

Better aligned means better or proper spacing to make them look better for reading and understnding :-
I am just writing space to make my point because when i am submitting tab is getting auto removed in the forum.

File name is:- Hello.txt{SPACE}--/home/pks/Destop/sumit/Dirty/empty_dir/empty.file{Space}/home/pks/Desktop/sumit/empty.file 
File name is:-{ }--/home/pks/Destop/sumit/Dirty/{Space Space }/home/pks/Desktop/sumit/

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Mod Comment Use CODE tags around all sample input, output, and code. The CODE tags will preserve spaces and tabs so everyone reading your posts will be able to see what you are working with.

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Old 05-13-2015
Have you checked printf? Search for it.
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Old 05-14-2015

Thanks....i am trying with printf command & hopefully i will make it the way i want it.

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Old 05-14-2015
Originally Posted by clx
Have you checked printf? Search for it.

I have checked with printf and tried everything but still the output is not as i am expecting but it 90% correct

in attached screen shot if you will see it is adding tab before printing both the output but not in next line. it is showing two type of put put line 1 & 4 is one way rest all line is another way. there is something wrong with TAB but not able to find what.

while read line;
printf "%s\t %s\t" "File:-$line" `find $search_folder -name $line -type f`
done < /home/pks/Desktop/office.txt # > output.txt

Better Align--output of find command-issuepng
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Old 05-14-2015
while read file
  printf "File:-%s" "$file" 
  find "$search_folder" -name "$file" -type f | 
  while read path
    printf "\t%s" "$path"
done < /home/pks/Desktop/office.txt

Or with awk:
find "$search_folder" -type f |
awk '
  NR==FNR {
  $NF in A {
    A[$NF]=A[$NF] OFS $0
  END {
    for(i in A) printf "File:-%s%s\n",i,A[i]
' FS=/ OFS='\t' /home/pks/Desktop/office.txt -

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