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Old 05-11-2015
Create Dynamic if condition

Create Dynamic If condition

I have a file color.txt which has data as shown below

Based on a variable I execute a tail command as shown below
tail -${LEFT_OVR} color.txt

LEFT_OVR can be any number less than count of number of lines in a file

so if LEFT_OVR=2, then output would be

Based on output of tail command I need to build a dynamic If condition, which will look something like this

if [ "$color" = "Pink" ] || [ "$color" = "Black" ]

I'm planning to do something like this
tail -${LEFT_OVR} color.txt > tail_out
one_line=`awk 'BEGIN { ORS = " " } { print }' tail_out`

for c in $one_line
COND="[ color = $c ] $COND"

Next I would check for occurrence of ] [ and replace with ] || [

Any ideas if there is something easier to achieve similar result?

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Old 05-11-2015
With LEFT_OVR=4, try
tail -${LEFT_OVR} color.txt | { while read CND; do CMD+="[ color = $CND ] || "; done; echo ${CMD% || }; }
[ color = Yellow ] || [ color = White ] || [ color = Pink ] || [ color = Black ]

Unfortunately, you'll need to use the unloved eval to take advantage of above, or output it into a temp file that you source, then.

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Old 05-11-2015
Would something like this, base on a case statement work?
$ cat case_test

case $1 in
 $t1) echo "The red ball is worth 1 point."         ;;
 $t2) echo "The yellow ball is worth 2 points."     ;;
 $t3) echo "The green ball is worth 3 points."      ;;
 $t4) echo "The brown ball is worth 4 points."      ;;
 $t5) echo "The blue ball is worth 5 points."       ;;
 $t6) echo "The pink ball is worth 6 points."       ;;
 $t7) echo "The black ball is worth 7 points."      ;;
 *)   echo "Any other option is a foul."            ;;

I get the following simple sample output:-
$ ./case_test Yellow
The yellow ball is worth 2 points.
$ ./case_test White 
Any other option is a foul.

You could easily set the variables t1, t2, t3 etc. based on your tail output and set all the others to be dummy or the like to effectively switch off those tests.

Does that give you an angle?

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Old 05-11-2015
Another way might be to build up an array from the tail output and then have a loop around the if statement to check each one set in turn. It depends quite what you need to achieve I suppose.

Can you elaborate on the overall desired need?

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Old 05-11-2015
With a recent bash, try
[[ "$(tail -${LEFT_OVR} color.txt | tr '\n' ' ' )" =~ "$color" ]] && echo good || echo bad

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Old 05-11-2015
Can you explain, how above command works, in building the if condition?
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Old 05-11-2015
I love arrays:
declare -A  BALL

while read color;do
	C=$(( $C + 1 ))

echo "Ball $1 is worth ${BALL[${1,,}]}"

Have a good week Smilie

My files were named identical but with another file extension (sh/txt).
Though, to be accurate for snooker values, the colors would need to be in order.

Outputs like:
+ bin $ sh ~/tmp/ pink
Ball pink is worth 6
:) bin $ sh ~/tmp/ red 
Ball red is worth 1

EDIT3 - Explanation:
declare -A  BALL

Sets variable C to 1, and declares varable BALL as ALPHA indexed Array. (not quiet sure on the ALPHA label, ity my 'donkey-bridge')

while read color;do

Read from file $0 (the execute[d|r] script), but remove first occourence of sh with txt within its filename,
expand each line to the only passed variable color.
Since the (in this example) used scriptname and content-file-name are identical but their file extension not, this works quite fine.

	C=$(( $C + 1 ))

${color,,} makes the content of variable color to small letters, since usualy people forget to press shift when passing options or arguments to commands.
So it set the array index $color to value $C, then increment that value. (could be shortened to ((C++)) in this case, or ((counter++)) whatsoever you use for an index/counter)

echo "Ball $1 is worth ${BALL[${1,,}]}"

Finaly we print out the the desired information. 'downcode' the passed argument to small letters, just to be sure, so it matches the array index, which is now set to letters (the color names).


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