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awk to find text and print value

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Old 04-28-2015
awk to find text and print value

In the attached file I am using awk to skip the header row, search for specific text, and print particular values that are next to it all from the same field.

 awk FNR > 1 '$79 == "Bases in target regions"":" "Number of amplicons"': "Target bases with no strand bias"':" {print $79}' > output.txt

Desired output:
Bases in target regions: 268545
Number of amplicons: 1507
Target bases with no strand bias: 84.70%

I also tried the below and it runs but the output is empty
 awk -F FNR>1 '$79 == "Bases in target regions"":" {print $79}' test.txt > output.txt

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Old 04-29-2015
I get 78 fields in header (taking comma as field seperater) and 119 in fields in second line.
Your file doesnt look proper or you have provided incomplete information.

Secondly, -F should be used as -F, if you want to consider comma as field seperater.
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