Reducing multiple entries in a tri-lingual dictionary to single entries

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Reducing multiple entries in a tri-lingual dictionary to single entries

Dear all,
I am editing a tri-lingual dictionary for open source which has the following data structure
English headwords <Tab>Devanagari Headwords<Tab>PersoArabic headwords

as in the example below
to mark, to number	अंगणु	(اَنگَڻُ)

The English headword entry has at times more than one word, each word separated by a comma or a semi-colon as shown below and also in the example above
number, numeral, digit; limb; component; tear in cloth	अंगु	(اَنگُ)

For purposes of editing the dictionary, I need to reduce the multiple headwords in English to single entries. Thus the data in the example above would be reduced to the following entries:
number	अंगु	(اَنگُ)
numeral	अंगु	(اَنگُ)
digit	अंगु	(اَنگُ)
limb	अंगु	(اَنگُ)
component	अंगु	(اَنگُ)
tear in cloth	अंगु	(اَنگُ)

I could handle two mappings but I do not know how to handle such a complicated data structure in Perl or Awk. Any help provided would be gratefully acknowledged.
I would like to add that I work under Windows Vista and Windows 7. Unfortunately solutions in Linux do not help.

I am providing a sample for testing below
suddenly,unexpectedly	अचानकि	(اَچانَڪِ)
surprise,wonder	अचिरजु	(اَچرجُ)
to wonder	  अचिरजु खाइणु	(اَچرجُ کائِڻُ)
to get surprised	  अचिरजु लॻणु	(اَچرجُ لَڳَڻُ)
to wonder	  अचिरजु थियणु	(اَچرجُ ٿِيَڻُ)
to be surprised	  अचिरज में पवणु	(اَچرج ۾ پَوَڻُ)
unfailing,unerring;sure	अचूकु	(اَچوُڪُ)
inanimate	अचेतनु	(اَچيتَنُ)
unconsciousness,senselessness	अचेताई	(اَچيتائيِ)
unconscious,senseless	अचेतु	(اَچيتُ)
a flood of water;a body of clouds;a large desolated plain	अछ	(اَڇَ)
to be flooded due to heavy rain	  अछ थियणु	(اَڇَ ٿِيَڻُ)
the hair to turn grey,to become old	अछाइणु	(اَڇائِڻُ)
whiteness,clearness	अछाणि	(ِاَڇاڻ)
untouchable	अछूतु	(اَڇوُتُ)
untouched;unpolluted	अछूतो	(اَڇوُتو)
whitish	अछेरो	(اَڇيرو)
white;clean	अछो	(اَڇو)
neat and clean	  अछो उजिरो	(اَڇو اُجِرو)
to age,to become old,to turn into grey hair 	  अछो मथो थियणु	(اَڇو مَٿو ٿِيَڻُ)
to disgrace,to make ashamed	  अछो मुंहुं करणु	(اَڇو مُنهُن ڪَرڻُ)
to be disgraced,to do a shameful act	  अछो मुंहुं थियणु	(اَڇو مُنهنُ ٿِيَڻُ)
to respect the elderliness,to have regard for an old person	  अछनि ॾे ॾिसणु	(اَڇنِ ڏي ڏِسَڻُ)
to be spoilt in the old age	  अछनि में खरणु	(اَڇن ۾ کَرَڻُ)
to be exposed,truth to be known	  अछा कारा पधिरा थियणु	(اَڇا ڪارا پَڌِرا ٿِيَڻُ)
to turn into grey hair ,to become old	  अछा पवणु	(اَڇا پَوَڻُ)
to gain without much effort	  अछा बि तांहिरी थियणु	(اَڇا بِە تانهِريِ ٿِيَڻُ)
to do shameful act in the old age	  अछा लॼाइणु	(اَڇا لَڄائِڻُ)
to enter a false amount in the account	  अछे ते कारो लिखणु	(اَڇي تي ڪارو لِکَڻُ)
python,dragon	अजगरु	(اَجگَرُ)
stranger,unknown person	अजनबी	(اَجنَبيِ)
wonderful,surprising	अजबाइतो	(اَجَبائِتو)
wonder,astonishment	अजबु	(عَجَبُ)
to be surprised	  अजबु लॻणु	(عَجَبُ لَڳَڻُ)
to wonder	  अजबु खाइणु	(عَجَبُ کائِڻُ)
not liable to decay or old age	अजरु	(اَجَرُ)
to live forever,to be immortal	  अजरु  अमरु थियणु	(اَجَرُ اَمَرُ ٿيڻُ)
death,the appointed hour of death	अजलु	(اَجَلُ)
disgrace,infamy,dishonor	अजसु	(اَجسُ)
museum	अजाइबघरु	(عَجائِب گهَرُ)
unnecessary,useless	अजायो	(اَجايو)
a kind of fancy coloured sheet or shawl worn over shoulder	अजिरक	(اَجِرڪَ)
strange,wonderful,surprising	अजीबु	(عَجيِبُ)
very strange,awkward	अजीबो ग़रीबु	(عَجيِب و غَريِبُ)
wonder	अजूबो	(عَجوُبو)
unsuitability	अजोॻाई	(اَجوڳائيِ)
improper,unsuitable	अजोॻो	(اَجوڳو)
unknown,unacquainted,ignorant	अॼाणु	(اَڄاڻُ)
today	अॼु	(اَڄُ)
to complete a work in time	  अॼु जो कमु सुभाणे ते न रखणु	(اَڄُ جو ڪَمُ سُڀاڻي تي نەَ رکَڻُ)

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Hi, try:
awk '{n=split($1,F,/[,;]/); for(i=1; i<=n; i++) print F[i],$2,$3}' FS='\t' OFS='\t' file

This will work on Linux / Unix. Just noticed that it needs to work under Windows.

Can't help you there.. I know there can be quoting issues, maybe CR/LF related issues...

Perhaps you could put the script in a file and execute that:

  for(i=1; i<=n; i++) print F[i],$2,$3

And execute with
awk -f keyword_split.awk file

Or use Cygwin or some other simulation...

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Many thanks. It worked perfectly. The tri-lingual dictionary generated out very well.Also thanks for noting that the delimiter could also be a semi-colon. I had missed that out.
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