Append string to all the files inside a directory excluding subdirectories and .zip files

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Old 04-22-2015
Append string to all the files inside a directory excluding subdirectories and .zip files


Could someone help me to append string to the starting of all the filenames inside a directory but it should exclude .zip files and subdirectories.

file1: test1.log
file2: test2.log
After running the script
file1: string_test1.log
file2: string_test2.log

Thanks in advance,

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Old 04-22-2015
Please use code tags as required by forum rules!

Any attempts from your side?

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Anyhow, with a recent bash - unfortunately you don't mention the system nor the shell you use - you could try:
for FN in !(*.zip) ; do [ -d "$FN" ] && continue; echo mv $FN "String_$FN"; done

after setting shopt -s extglob.
If that's not available, try
for FN in *; do [ -d "$FN" ] || [ ${FN#*.} == "zip" ] && continue; echo mv $FN "String_$FN"; done

In any case, remove echo when happy with what you see...
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Old 04-23-2015
Thank you very much Rudic...this worked great

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Hey, this worked fine when I run through command line,
for FN in !(*.zip)  ; do [ -d "$FN" ] && continue; mv $FN "appIn1a_$FN"; done

but it gives
syntax error near unexpected token `('

when I use this same in bash script.

Please suggest the changes

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Old 04-23-2015
Try putting:
shopt -s extglob

At the beginning of your script.
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Old 04-23-2015
Thank you very workedSmilie
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