Parse xml in shell script and extract records with specific condition

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Old 04-01-2015
Parse xml in shell script and extract records with specific condition


I have xml file with multiple records and would like to extract records from xml with specific condition if specific tag is present extract entire row otherwise skip .

<logentry revision="21510">
<Description>SYNC-Stop Sync </Description>
<logentry revision="21511">
<author>poo test</author>
<Description> Update acquireRetryAttempt value </Description>
<Deployment_Change_Needed> Yes</Deployment_Change_Needed>
<Deployment_Change_Description> Update  Appconfig</Deployment_Change_Description>

From above when there QC_ID is null would like to extract entire record otherwise skip.

from the above sample input we should be able to see only second record as output .

any help appreciated
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Old 04-01-2015
Hello Madankumar.t@hp,

Following may help you in same.
awk '/^<logentry revision=/{A=1} A{O=O?O ORS $0:$0} /<QC_ID><\/QC_ID>/{print O;B=1;next} B{print $0} /<\/logentry>/{B=0;O=""}'  Input_file

R. Singh
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Old 04-01-2015
Can you pl. explain the logic used.
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Old 04-01-2015
Hello Lakshmikumari,

Following is the explaination for same, hope this helps.
awk '/^<logentry revision=/{A=1}        ###### Search for text <logentry revision= then set a variable named A to 1 #####
     A{O=O?O ORS $0:$0}          ###### If A's value is 1 then I am creating a variable named O who will append the value of itself
     /<QC_ID><\/QC_ID>/{print O;B=1;next}  ###### Search text <QC_ID><\/QC_ID> it means looking for NULL values in <QC_ID></QC_ID> string and then printing the variable value of variable of B which are previous lines and then setting variable B to 1 and escaping next statements
     B{print $0}     ###### If B is TRUE means B's value is 1 then printing the line
      /<\/logentry>/{B=0;O=""}'   ###### When line has text </logentry> then made variable B's value to 0 and made O's value to 0 so that it shouldn';t print lines.

R. Singh
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Old 04-01-2015
Try also
sed '/<\/logentry>/a
' file | awk '/<QC_ID><\/QC_ID>/' RS=

Please be aware that there MUST be a newline char after the a(ppend) command in sed!
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Old 04-02-2015
Hi Ravindersingh

Thank you for your response , i tried to execute the same line with inputfile (copy pasted your code) , No errors found , but i have not seen output.

further assistance appreciated

is it something i am missing . Smilie


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Old 04-02-2015
Hello Madan,

You should write actual filename on place of Input_file and try the command.
awk '/^<logentry revision=/{A=1} A{O=O?O ORS $0:$0} /<QC_ID><\/QC_ID>/{print O;B=1;next} B{print $0} /<\/logentry>/{B=0;O=""}'  Actual_FILE_NAME

R. Singh
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