Encrypt Plaintext Password?

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Old 03-20-2015
Encrypt Plaintext Password?

How do I encrypt a plaintext password that I need hardcoded in a bash script?
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Old 03-21-2015
Try obfuscation - download shc - converts shell script to unreadable gorp (so strings command cannot see it) inside a compiled image (executable ) file. You script becomes a compiled C file.

You want version 3.8.9

Index of /~frosal/sources
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Old 03-21-2015
How exactly is this password being used? It is next to impossible to keep plaintext passwords, even obfuscated ones, safe. Whenever they pass through an argument they are briefly exposed. It would be better to replace it with a passwordless method like scp/sftp/ssh.
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Old 03-22-2015
You can't encrypt a hardcoded password because you have to hardcode the decryption key with it.

That's why the passwordless methods such as ssh that Corona688 listed were created.

Use them.
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