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Match 2 patterns together

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Old 03-03-2015
Match 2 patterns together

How can I quickly print out lines in a datafile which has presence of both patterns in a row of another file. Maybe awk can do it much faster than bash.




The outputs must be split by the ID (col1) that the patterns belong to.





My attempt is very slow in bash,

while read pat
while read data
if  grep -q $pat[1] $data
if  grep -q $pat[2] $data
echo $data >> $pat[0]
done < datafile
done < patfile

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Old 03-04-2015
Few points,

- You don't need inner loop as grep access files as parameters not string. If you want to pass string, you have to pass as STDIN.
- You seem to be using array, but it doesnt work like this.

As your pattern file is delimited by white-spaces :

while read id pat1 pat2
  echo $id  >> results_file # print ID
  echo >> results_file # print newline
  grep $pat1 datafile | grep $pat2 >>  results_file  # print matching lines
done < patfile

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Old 03-04-2015
awk     'FNR==NR        {SP[$1,NR]=$2".*"$3; ID[$1]
         FNR==1         {for (i in ID) print > i
                        {for (s in SP) if ($0 ~ SP[s]) {split (s, FN, SUBSEP); print > FN[1]}
        ' patfile datafile

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