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Merging 2 lines based on a string

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Merging 2 lines based on a string
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Merging 2 lines based on a string

Dear Unix gurus

I need help with a command or script to merge 2 lines where ever we find the string.

I have attached scanned document.

First line has string value: VSIN, immediate line has value: SETTLEMENT

Where it finds the 2 string values in the whole file, one below the other, those 2 lines to be merged into a single line and the other detail data lines has to be remained in the same order.


Line1: VSIN .... (Space) SETTLEMENT CURRENCY ....
Line2: other detail data in the same order 
Line3: VJRE ...
Line4: VJRE ...
Line5: VSIN .... (Space) SETTLEMENT CURRENCY ....
Line6: VJRE ....
Line7: VJRE ....
Line8: VJRE...

Many thanks
Your help is much appreciated as I am not a core Unix programmer.
Many thanks
Merging 2 lines based on a string-imagejpg

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Hi what have you tried ? Also please post a sample input, rather than attach a picture..
# 3  
Line1:vsin : vj005 Acc type : vjs
Line2:Settlement cur : USD trade date :22-01-12
Line3:vjre 15565  1 020765 S  30-01-14 12,000 Vets
Line4: vjre 12678  1 03765   B 30-01-14  2,000 vets
Line5: vsin : vj006 Acc type : cgf
Line6: vjre  1025   1 07654    S 30-01-14. 2,765 vets

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Sorry line 6 is just like line 2 which starts with
Line6: Settlement curr ...
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Well, that's sort of sample input, more or less. What about scrutinizer's first question?
# 5  
Googled for the command to get solution and I am not able find one. Your help is much appreciated.
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OK. Try
sed '/^VSIN/ {N; s/\n/ /}' file


awk '/^VSIN/ {getline X; $0=$0 " " X}1' file

Please be aware that this assumes that line1: etc. is added by you and not in the file.

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AND it is NOT clear if vsin is upper or lower case...
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Thanks RudiC. But both the commands gave me the same output which is same as input file. It has not done any processing. Am i doing wrong some where ?.
I tried different command at office and it helped me to some extent(survived at the moment). will let you know about it tommorrow. as i do not have the command handy.

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