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Old 01-05-2015
Search process ids


I have four tomcat instances named PNK, PNK1, PNK2, PNK3.
All are running on the same server.
To kill tomcat instance I usually do below for PNK1,PNK2,PNK3

kill -9 `ps -ef|grep tomcat|grep PNK1|grep -v grep|awk '{print $2}'`

But the above command does not work for PNK. Can some one help in modifying the above command that works for PNK instance?


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Old 01-05-2015
Why aren't you running the shutdown script which gracefully stops tomcat instead of abruptly killing it, especially with the SIGKILL signal which should be used on a last resort, not routinely?

Anyway, this simpler command should do the job, assuming your system provides pgrep:

pkill -f "tomcat.*\<PNK\>"

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Old 01-05-2015
or else
ps -ef | awk '/tomcat.*PNK/ {print "kill -9 " $2}' | sh

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Old 01-05-2015
@vgersh This won't discriminate the PNK instance which is what the OP is looking for.
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Old 01-05-2015
Originally Posted by jlliagre
@vgersh This won't discriminate the PNK instance which is what the OP is looking for.
Hmmmmm.... and how does the 'pkill' kill a particular instance?

something along these lines then....
ps -ef | awk -v inst=1 '$0~ ("tomcat.*PNK" inst "$") {print "kill -9 " $2}' | sh

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Old 01-05-2015
kill `ps -ef | grep '[t]omcat' | grep -w PNK1 | awk '{print $2}'`

The [t] trick avoids that grep finds itself.
The -w finds words, like \< \> boundaries.
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Old 01-05-2015
@vgersh The pkill based suggestion is using a regexp to kill the requested unnumbered instance.
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