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Replace multiple patterns together with retaining the text in between

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Replace multiple patterns together with retaining the text in between
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Old 12-13-2014
Replace multiple patterns together with retaining the text in between

Hi Team

I have the following text in one of the file

j1738-abc-system_id(in.value1)-2838 G566-deF-system_id(in.value2)-7489

I want to remove system_id(...) combination completely The output should look like this

j1738-abc-in.value1-2838 G566-deF-in.value2-7489

Any help is appreciated Thanks

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Old 12-13-2014

 sed -e 's/-system_id(//g' -e 's/)//g'

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Old 12-13-2014
that works, but say in this case

j1738-abc-system_id(substr(in.value1))-2838 G566-deF-system_id(in.value2)-7489

i am getting

j1738-abc-substr(in.value1-2838 G566-deF-in.value2-7489

its trying to replace both the "))"

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Old 12-13-2014
How about this?

 sed -e 's/-system_id//g' -e 's/)//g'  -e 's/(//g'

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Old 12-13-2014
Would this help:
sed -e 's/system_id(\([^)]*\))/\1/g' file
j1738-abc-substr(in.value1)-2838 G566-deF-in.value2-7489

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