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How to read data from tab delimited file after a specific position?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to read data from tab delimited file after a specific position?
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Old 12-04-2014
You should always explicitly mention you are running on Windows, because it behaves quite differently. These are Unix and Linux forums...
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Old 12-04-2014
I am creating a script and this will execute against many Win OS. the last solution may not work for me becoz I need to have a copy of tst.awk in all the windows OS against which we will execute the script.

I dont want to trouble you anymore.

currently data is in below format.

Administrator Guest

I need to read each column data and loop through for some other logic to work. at a time I need to read one column value and pass it as an argument to the next command n the loop. pls suggest something here.

Alternatively we can format the data into below format. this will be helpful for me to iterate the loop.


---------- Post updated at 06:11 PM ---------- Previous update was at 06:08 PM ----------

My bad, will take care in future. I should have mentioned that it is for Windows.
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