Find with name not working from crontab

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Find with name not working from crontab

find without -name works fine.
find with -name '[a-Z]*' works from interactive bash, but not from cron.

mgr@someplace:~$ crontab -l | grep wsl
17 09 * * * /usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs -type f -mtime +30 > /home/mgr/wsl_find.out
17 09 * * * /usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs -type f -name '[a-Z]*' -mtime +30 > /home/mgr/wsl_find2.out
mgr@someplace:~$ head -1 /home/mgr/wsl_find.out
mgr@someplace:~$ head -1 /home/mgr/wsl_find2.out
mgr@someplace:~$ /usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs -type f -name '[a-Z]*' -mtime +30 | head -1

Some missing environment variable or shellopt, I would assume, but what?

Debian 5.0, bash 3.2.52 (/bin/sh is bash)
# 2  
Have you tried using parenthesis:
(/usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs -type f -name '[a-Z]*' -mtime +30) > /...

possibly Its '[a-Z]*' that is misundestood by cron in that form... tried "[a-Z]*"
(Im astill a bit sleepy...)

Last edited by vbe; 11-21-2014 at 06:52 AM..
# 3  
52 09 * * * (/usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs -type f -name '[a-Z]*' -mtime +30) > /home/mgr/wsl_find2.out

Same result, nothing found.
# 4  
Nothing found and no errors to look at in logs? Its the * ... should it be masked by \ like in very old syntax?
# 5  
/usr/bin/find /wsbj/logs/mgr/webServiceLogs  \(\(-type f  -mtime +30 \) -a -name  '[a-Z]*' \) ...

or \* ?
# 6  
Nothing I can find in /var/log, besides the actual cron command.

With \* nothing is found even in interactive.
# 7  
I corrected - I left one backslash too much at the end..., see I am not sure what your cron uses as "basic" shell and so what it understand in '[a-Z]*'
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